The loss of a loved one is devastating, especially when it was due to someone else’s negligent actions. It can put families into a financial tailspin, as they deal with funeral expenses and other bills related to the sudden death. A wrongful death lawyer can help. These lawyers file wrongful death claims on behalf of family members of the deceased and seek compensation to cover their losses.

Regardless of the cause of your relative’s death, your attorney will investigate and gather evidence that supports your claim. For example, if your loved one died in a car crash, your attorney may review the police report and statements from eyewitnesses. They may also look for a nearby surveillance camera that recorded the accident or the moments leading up to and immediately following it.

You may be entitled to recover a variety of damages in a wrongful death lawsuit, including compensation for medical bills, funeral expenses, lost wages, emotional distress, and more. However, no amount of money can bring your loved one back. It can, however, ease the financial burden on your family members and give them some peace of mind.

In most wrongful death cases, the deceased’s personal representative files the lawsuit. This person is usually a spouse, child, or parent of the deceased. In some states, other relatives like a putative spouse or parents of unmarried children can also act as representatives and file a claim.

Generally, the personal representative must file the lawsuit within two years of the deceased’s death. There are some exceptions to this rule, however. Your attorney will explain the rules in your state.

The legal process in a wrongful death case includes opening statements, witness testimonies, cross-examinations, and closing arguments. A judge or jury will evaluate the evidence and determine liability in the case. They will then decide the appropriate damages for your family.

A wrongful death attorney can guide you through this difficult process. They can ensure that your rights are protected and make sure you receive the maximum compensation possible.

Wrongful death claims require a lot of evidence to prove that another party caused the death of your loved one through negligence or reckless actions. The attorneys at New York Injury Lawyer can help you find and gather this evidence. They can also help you file a lawsuit against the liable parties.

If you have questions about a wrongful death lawsuit, contact us today for a free consultation. Our team of experienced attorneys can answer all of your questions and provide the support you need.

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